Foot Fitness Kit (using the Foot Wakers)

$ 64.95

Now shipped with the Yamuna® Foot Fitness DVD!!!
Yamuna believes that our feet are the foundation of the body and that Yamuna® Foot Fitness is essential for everyone at any fitness level. Strengthen your feet and you will strengthen your whole body. This program gives you simple proactive tools and solutions that can help you alleviate pain and prevent it. Yamuna recommends that you start with the foot wakers to increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment. When you are ready to work in more detail you can begin using our foot savers.

Yamuna® Foot Fitness helps prevent or alleviate common foot problems such as:
Plantar Fasciitis
Morton Neuroma
Flat Feet
Hammer Toes
Fallen Arches

We recommend that EVERYONE purchase this kit. Don't wait until you finally do have foot problems. The education provided on the DVD along with the Foot Wakers will teach you how to rebuild your healthy foot function and keep it going all through your life. Nobody has ever taught you how to use your foot correctly so that it actually supports the rest of your body. Prevent and self heal plantar fasciatus, Morton's Neuromas, hammertoes, bunions, and collapsed arches yourself, with our help. It is not about the shoe, it is about knowing what you need to do yourself to maintain your feet. Once your mind knows what it needs to do to rebuild your foot function,it will. Then you just have to do the work.

The YAMUNA FOOT FITNESS KIT made the O list and is featured in the Jan. 2012 issue of O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE!!!
Comes with the Foot Fitness DVD and a pair of Hand/Foot Wakers

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