If home is where the heart is then Yamuna’s flagship studio in the West Village of New York City is certainly the heart of the body of work that is YAMUNA®.

Yamuna, a resident of New York City, knew that her movement required a base of operations where all could go to learn, to practice, and to heal.

YAMUNA® Studio at 132 Perry Street is “the source” of all evolving work. It is the destination for any who want to empower themselves to learn the simple reality of pain-free, aligned movement. The Studio is a haven for all wishing to know more about the pursuit of the ideal of knowing and freely using the body.

Practitioners the world over make the trek to the flagship as frequently as their lives allow, in order to continue the important work of changing others lives by giving them the ability to live unrestricted in their bodies.

All who hear the clarion call to a new movement, who have been let down by the current options to supposed fitness; all who live outside the box and seek answers that lead to productivity and success; every body who has ever known that somewhere, there was an answer … need look no further than YAMUNA® and YAMUNA® Studio.
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