Individual Hands-On Treatments

YBL®, YBR® Table Treatment, YBR® Yoga - all of these hands-on treatments are available at Yamuna Studios. Yamuna practitioners focus on your particular needs in private sessions the fastest path to corporeal enlightenment!

Yamuna® Body Logic
It all starts here. One-on-one analysis and therapy to unlock your body’s natural potential, identify problems and suggest solutions. You glide away from a Body Logic session with grace and power. To maximize the effectiveness of YBR®, Pilates or Yoga, start with Body Logic.
In only one Yamuna® Body Logic session, we can begin to re-educate your muscles to move more effortlessly, painlessly and logically.
Move your body the way it is supposed to: freely and in perfect alignment.
What it is:
• A one on one private hands-on treatment aimed at problem solving.
• Applying gentle traction, a trained therapist works each muscle from where it begins at one joint to where it attaches to the next joint;
working those muscles and joints in a complete range of motion.
This aids the therapist in assessing where you might be “stuck.”
• Right to left; back to front; top to bottom, we go through your entire body in an effort to put each part back into it’s most perfect position. This allows your body to move the way it is supposed to.
• An actual on going regimen based on the first session’s findings that is customized to address each individual’s needs, challenges and goals.
This therapy is a must for anyone with structural challenges who
has not been able to find relief elsewhere.

Yamuna® Hands-On Table Treatment
YBR® as a hands-on treatment. The practitioner's hands add additional traction to the regular Yamuna® routines, allowing the ball to penetrate more deeply into muscle. Your body releases more easily, without the discomfort often experienced in deep massage.
Yamuna® Yoga Hands-On Therapy
Yamuna® Yoga as a hands-on treatment. The practitioners hands add additional traction to the regular YBR® Yoga routines, allowing the ball to penetrate more deeply into muscle.

Yamuna® Hands-On Foot
Yamuna calls this foot imprinting. A trained Yamuna practitioner aligns each bone in the foot to jump start the ability to build healthy foot function.

Yamuna® Hands-On Face
Yamuna gives us a new, logical, effective way to approach facial care. Offering a proactive solution to the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension a practitioner stimulates and aligns bone, activating muscle, increasing circulation and tone, and reversing the effects of gravity.
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